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Stretch film is packing which was waited!!!

Is it possible boldly to say that it a the same case, when does some product appear, spreads at the market and it is already impossible to imagine through the small interval of time – as did before without him? As is generally known, stretch film is very thin stretching packing material in rolls, made from a polyethylene high pressure. Stretch films is divided into food films and pallet films. Those, in same queue, are divided (differentiating in the method of application) by hand and machine (a puttee takes a place with the use of the special machines). Stretch film can be colourless transparent, black or yellow, with a thickness from 15 to 25 mkm, breadthways 500 mm. Using of stretch film is irreplaceable for transporting and on storages – due to its ability to stretch not changing a width. Its quality allows reliably to fix it  commodity on pallets. Film for the technical packing is so named – pallet film, it provides not only safety of loads at storage and transporting but also protects from unfavorable influence of environment, from the attempts of plundering. Thus application of pallet stretch film considerably accelerates and facilitates loading are unloading works. Stretch film is utillized and in building are utillized for packing of different building materials – from a brick and blocks, to plinths, cornices, platbands. The materials packed thus have a wonderful commodity kind, providing the sufficient term of storage here. Transparency allows to save on a polygraphy – the packaged good advertises itself, comfortably to package and move him. Besides all of other, is not a problem and utilization of the utillized stretch film – under act of sunbeams it disintegrates for a few months, secreting no harmful matters. Working the it is possible to sum up out total – transferring advantages of the use of stretch film easily, and in an order to find its failings – it will be necessary handsomely to break a head. And not fact, that these failings will be found.

General information about thermal films.

Thermal film is the wide-spread packing material, different a large specific variety and breadth of purviews. Ability of film under act of temperature to diminish, abbreviated possibility of creation of packing with the high degree of impermeability gave in sizes to be, by good aesthetic values and practically fully repeating geometry of the packed material, I.e. saving space. As thermal film covers the packed object densely, it gives packing the special attractiveness due to creation of new geometrical forms: an eye ustaet from correct rectangles and cylinders and rests on the articles of wrong form, with smooth lines. Packing practically meets with a product, repeating his silhouette.

Protective properties of thermal frequently higher, than at other types of packing. For example, unlike cardboard baskets, the thermal packing not skips moisture at storage in a refrigerator. In addition, it allows to increase the term of storage of most food products, because UF-LUCHI detains partly. On integrity of packing it is possible to judge about safety of commodity: therefore thermal film is utillized more frequent than all in pharmaceutical, perfume - cosmetic and pastry industries.

Thermal film is widely utillized for a parcel post, group and even packing - when commodities lay on a pallet in a few rows and then covered film. As it fits snugly a commodity densely, packing becomes more compact, that, in same queue, reduces the cost of transporting. Due to that film not only protects but also squeezes commodities, in the process of transporting they less than are damaged.


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